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Like You, we're focused on the spend

What We're Doing to Control Expenses and Improve Efficiency

How we manage our costs

Like you, we operate in a labor-intensive business. While it's tempting to believe that smart technology can automate much of what we and our clients do, the reality is that automation is evolutionary, not revolutionary. That's because no two title plants are the same, which requires us to normalize how plant data is organized so our clients can perform title searches on a regional or national basis.

Modernizing Plant Architecture

Legacy plants, while automated, tend to require county-specific knowledge and search methods. While the data is in the plant, finding it requires the user to know how the data is organized -- or not.

When we modernize a title plant we focus on ensuring integrity in matching records, matching current and historical records and linking them to maps. This effort enables you to perform more automated searches and eliminates the need for you to maintain your own cross-reference tools.

Plant Posting and Updating

We maintain rigorous plant posting practices that include tightly maintained property create and vacate dates., primary and secondary document relationships and the capture of important data that is abstracted from public records.

Accurate plant posting increases our client's confidence when searching the plant, and enables them to create automated search applications in their title order production platforms.

Document Imaging, Indexing and Data Extraction

Our image repository of more than one billion images grows each day as we index new documents for existing plants and modernize historical records in legacy plants.

We take extraordinary care during the imaging process to ensure the documents are properly oriented, legible and complete. When the documents are indexed, key data elements are also abstracted to properly associate records to parcels and names.

A comprehensive image database enables our clients to complete a document search concurrent with a title and tax search, automatically producing the key elements of a title search in one query.

Internal Cost Controls

As with any business, we are constantly searching for ways we can reduce our cost and improve productivity. This includes consolidating regional offices, intelligent use of offshore resources and deploying technology that can automate and streamline steps in title plant management.