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Volume 10 Number 6    Summer, 2012
Time savings ahead thanks to our newest product releases

Sometimes it’s the small amenities that make a big impression. Like automobile headlights that automatically turn on and off. Caller ID. Sprinkler systems that stay off when it's raining. Velcro.

TitlePoint® and TitlePoint Xpress® now include a number of refinements that combine to offer major conveniences and make it easier to search title. They’re available in release 3.10, which was released to production on July 14.

“In this release, we continue our focus on features that enhance the user experience and improve efficiency by making searching and managing results easier,” said Andrew Wells, TitlePoint Xpress Product Manager.

For a complete listing of product enhancements and fixes, click on Announcements in the Tools menu.

Web SeminarImproved Image Viewing

In both applications iView contains several new features that can save you a few steps.

The Optical Character Recognition (OCR) feature now includes a built-in spell checker, which will save you time editing long text fields.

You can now rotate an entire document in addition to individual pages, ninety degrees at a time.

If you change the Zoom setting on the toolbar, that setting is saved as you navigate the document or open and view a new document.

Faster, Smarter Starter Searching

We have improved search performance, so starter searches and navigating search results takes less time.

Now you can refine a Starter Search by adding unit number to an address.

The order number / file number now displays in the condensed view. That’s one less click needed to locate the order number on a starter.

TitlePoint Enhancements

"Ultimately, the inspiration for the new features reflected in this release comes from our clients,” said Lisa Roessler, TitlePoint Product Manager. “They give us access to their operations, which provides ideas for enhancements that help all users be more efficient," she added.

Improved Image Searching

You can select and retrieve multiple images when you perform a Tract Book Back Plant look-up.

Now, speed-key your document image requests. We have also eliminated the screen refresh that occurred when you entered an image key.

Better Presentation of Name Search Results

When you perform a Name Search, the search results now list names in order of percentage match (highest to lowest).

More Control in Property Searching

New user preferences allow you to better control how chains display and print. You can now choose to:

Bullet Print full document descriptions or doc type codes on chains. If you’re familiar with doc type codes, this will save space on the chain.
Bullet Emphasize full value deed information in the Remarks field.
Bullet Add emphasis to starter / order records in a chain.

We have improved the readability of property search results by removing extraneous “Rem” text in the Remarks field, and by removing from the printed chain the “#” column that numbered the records in the chain.

In addition to the enhancements listed above, this release contains numerous fixes that improve search accuracy and completeness; print image quality; property search result filtering and display, and tax search results sorting and display.

Big IdeasNew in TitlePoint Xpress

Browse Documents from Search Results

Right-click the document ID in the search results screen and view the previous or next document in the recording number sequence.

“This feature is helpful when you need to determine if related documents are recorded before or after a particular filing,” explained Andrew. “This will save users quite a few keystrokes.”

Expanded Search Capabilities

New, expanded search parameters save you time and produce more refined searches and comprehensive search orders. When you perform an Image Search, you can now specify that only selected page numbers (for example, pages 1 through 3 and the last page of the document) be returned in the result.

You can now search up to six names in a Name or Grantor-Grantee search.

If you perform adjacent searches that cross county lines, you can search multiple counties as part of one order number.

You can search for multiple properties at one time, and then combine them on the Order Home Page. Duplicate records will be eliminated in the presentation of search results.

Right-click a legal description in a Name, Grantor-Grantee or Instrument search result screen and request an auto-run of property and name. This is useful when you want to search property legal and party names simultaneously.

When you perform a search, the state and county of your last search is the default for the next search.

We’ve also made it easier to set the default state and county by search type.

More to Work With

This release of TitlePoint Xpress also contains fixes that offer you more control when you save and rename files using iView; improved print performance and wildcard searching in a Starter Search.

Florida Back Plant

We are releasing two new Grantor-Grantee Back Plant counties with this TitlePoint Xpress release:

  County Online Plant Index Start Date Grantor-Grantee Back Plant Start Date
  Nassau 1/3/1983 1970 - 1982
     Nassau Indirect only: Start date 1840
  Okaloosa 1/3/1983 1915 - 1998

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