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Volume 9 Number 2
Our newest release: It's about creating time in your day

The new TitlePoint® and TitlePoint Xpress® releases, now available, deliver enhancements that improve performance, automate and streamline searching, and produce better search results -- all designed to save you time.

Included in the release is the ability to report a data or image discrepancy simply by right-clicking on a record. A new feature, OrderPoint, will allow you to easily order Special Services in a growing number of markets, beginning with Florida.

"This is certainly our most ambitious release ever," said Ron Free, Executive Vice President. "Version 3.8 reflects what we have learned from our customers, and delivers technical enhancements, improved search functionality and new support services. This release touches every facet of our operation," he added.

In this issue of Insights, we explain the highlights of the release. For a complete run-down of what’s new, click on Announcements in the Tools menu to view detailed release notes.

Merged search capability in TitlePoint
Merging title searches into a single screen has just gotten easier. Now, you can merge property searches into a single search result as you create them, saving you from having to merge completed searches. (You can still merge completed searches into a single search result). An open order plant posting is created for every property in a merged search. In most markets, duplicate records are eliminated from a merged search.

“The merged search feature is important because it is used in a number of markets and for a variety of purposes,” said Lisa Roessler, TitlePoint Product Manager. “This will touch a lot of users and will likely save them significant time.”

TitlePoint picks up speed
TitlePoint users can accelerate handling of large search results sets by enabling Microsoft® Silverlight® in their user preferences. Silverlight is a plug-in that enables a Web browser to stream and manage large amounts of data. If you perform large searches, enabling Silverlight will help you manipulate search results faster.

More to see in title chain records
Expand or collapse individual records in a title chain to show or hide detail. With this release, we have also expanded the amount of data displayed in chain records.

“Our Midwest customers are accustomed to seeing a rich data set coming back through the chain,” explained Lisa. “Now, all of our customers have this full-featured, expanded view.”

Xpress Search: good and getting better
Save time by using the intelligent search capabilities of Xpress Search, which leverages multiple data sources in a name or property search. Now, the workflow is optimized in Grantor/Grantee and geographically-posted plants to further improve searching.

When used in a geographically-posted county, Xpress Search allows you to automatically run the property search using the legal description from the last conveyance. This saves you keystrokes, reduces search time and improves efficiency.

The enhanced workflow in a Grantor/Grantee Xpress Search puts you in the driver’s seat by indicating the type of conveyance at the start of the search, with the option to designate when the property search view is applied.

In addition to searching tax, assessor, recorder, starter and image databases, Xpress Search can now include a plat map in your order, further automating delivery of the core components of a search package that previously required multiple cross-references and keystrokes.

New search-types
Previously known as Name Search, the Grantor/Grantee Search now works in both grantor/grantee and geographically-posted counties and returns documents posted against particular individuals and businesses.

The modified Name Search feature makes searching geographically-posted plants easier by providing a refined search result. Search by individual or business names and retrieve liens, judgments, general powers of attorney and other documents that relate to that name.

Property Search offers new enhancements that will streamline your searching. View search results for platted land in order of lot/unit, block/building and map book/page. Right-click on a legal description to create a new property search from the search results.

Expanded search filtering
New search filtering features are designed to help you produce a more refined search when using Grantor/Grantee Search and Name Search. Available on the Search page, the “Party-type” filter can be used to limit the number of variations in the name pick-list. Filter your search by Grantor, Grantee or All Parties.

There is also a better presentation of search results in this release: rows are now numbered and aligned with improved display of key information, such as names and legal descriptions, in the condensed view. These improvements also apply to printed reports.

TitlePoint Xpress features improved filtering of search results. By combining filters, such as Include References, you will reduce the occurrence of the "refine your search" prompt, which requires you to narrow your date range to arrive at a result-set.

Our most comprehensive and far-reaching release
TitlePoint Xpress Product Manager Andrew Wells believes this release establishes a new precedent for improved functionality and workflow automation.

"Our quest is to reduce the manual workload by automating some of the steps that customers are doing today, helping them complete searches faster and with better results," he said.

"What makes this release so exciting for us is that we are including major refinements that our customers have been asking for," added Lisa Roessler. "The core functionality is in place, giving us a new plateau for making these products better, stronger and faster."

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