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Volume 10 Number 1
TitlePoint and TitlePoint Xpress deliver new conveniences

If you drive in traffic, you know how annoying it can be when the driver of the aging pickup truck in front of you floors the accelerator and belches a small plume of blue smoke, which immediately fills your vehicle.

Lexus has a comfort feature called Automatic Recirculation, which switches the ventilation system to recirculate whenever pollutants are detected in the cabin. It's a minor convenience, but of such minor conveniences good products are made.

When product engineers don't have to worry about the big things, like safety and reliability, they can dwell on the little things that elevate the user experience.

That analogy applies, we think, to TitlePoint® and TitlePoint Xpress®. With Release 3.5 in 2010, we broke a performance barrier and significantly improved search, retrieval and results management speed. Now, four releases later, it's about the little things that subtract keystrokes and add time to your day.

Here, then, are the enhancements included in the 3.9 release.

Chicago turns to TitlePoint

While the big news regarding the new product release is the introduction of TitlePoint in the Chicago market, there are a number of developments in TitlePoint and TitlePoint Xpress that benefit all users.

In this newsletter, we’ll point out the notable enhancements. To see the complete list, go to Announcements in the Tools menu for the release notes.

Big IdeasTitlePoint enhancements

“This is an exciting release for several reasons,” said Lisa Roessler, TitlePoint Product Manager. “In addition to delivering our Midwest customers full TitlePoint functionality, we are able to introduce new features that benefit users by providing greater flexibility in searching, examination and order production.”

Refining the Merge search feature

The ability to merge searches as you perform them -- or when they are completed -- affects users across all markets, explained Lisa. The TitlePoint product team continues to refine this capability.

Filtering legals in merged searches

Now you can include or exclude legal descriptions from the Order Home Page when performing date-downs on merged searches. This allows users to produce a more refined search package, contributing to efficiency in examinations.

Grouping legals in merged searches

Legal descriptions are now grouped in merged searches, abbreviating legal ranges that display in searches and document postings. In addition to saving paper when printing search results, this makes online examination easier.

Merge searches using Connection Point

Connection Point, our Web Services / XML interface, enables you to order searches and retrieve results from your open order or in-house production system. With this release we have added the ability to merge searches using the Connection Point interface.

Refined Combination Search capability

You can refine your Combination Search results by including a city name in your search criteria. Entering a street address with city name will return records matching the address with the city you entered, as well as addresses that do not have an associated city name.

Control the order in which images are printed

You have the option of printing images in chronological order, which sequences images by recording date, then instrument number.

You can also elect to print images in the same order in which they are listed in the title chain using the As Printed on Chain option, matching the on-screen display.

As a third option, you can print documents in the Image Document Sequence specified in your Preferences. Group images with your search

When you choose Group Images with Search, images will be printed with their related search results. If this option is not selected, images will be printed as a group following the search results.

The quest to improve continues

“Our goal is to go beyond meeting expectations of TitlePoint’s capabilities,” said Lisa. “We want to save time by creating conveniences and exceed our customers’ expectations.”

TitlePoint Xpress enhancements

Product Manager Andrew Wells is focused on making TitlePoint Xpress work harder so users don’t have to. Included in this release are features that reduce keystrokes and produce more refined search results, yielding new user efficiencies.

Editing shortcuts in iView

iView, the integrated image viewer, makes it easy to include or exclude pages from a document using page editing shortcuts. Use your mouse to select a group of pages by dragging and highlighting them. Right-click to include or exclude your selection. You can also select pages using CRTL and a mouse click, or the right-arrow key.

Create customer reports using iView Report Builder

iView can now extract data from search results to pre-populate report builder fields based upon the images included in your search or order. Update your selection by adding or removing images, and create a custom report that can be saved in PDF, RTF (which is Microsoft® Word® compatible), or XML formats.

Date-downs are more efficient

TitlePoint Xpress now displays which names in a name search pick-list have no matches on screen or in Recent Activity. Property search results now include related documents, like assignments and releases, when a legal description is not listed on a document.

Search by Sectional Halves

Now search by Sectional Halves, eliminating the need to run multiple properties to construct a search. Enter 5 (North), 6 (South), 7 (East) or 8 (West) into the Quarter field to search by Sectional Half.

In addition, you can now search up to nine different quarters within a Section, Township and Range.

Intelligent Name Searching

Business and individual nickname lists were updated to include commonly-accepted acronyms and abbreviations. The name search logic, including that in the Grantor-Grantee search, was enhanced to improve effectiveness when searching business names that include numbers, and with nickname matching.

Better Page Presentation

A number of TitlePoint Xpress screens have been modified for your reading convenience and to save keystrokes. On the search results page, the images you retrieve will display as expanded in Recent Activity for each search. The Recent Activity screen automatically positions the cursor in the Name field. And the Name Pick-list screen now displays Next/Previous buttons at the top and bottom of the page.

Many improvements are represented in this release. And we hope it will improve your user experience. Consult the TitlePoint Xpress 3.9 Release Notes, listed under Announcements in the Tools menu, for a complete listing.

Florida Back Plant

We are releasing seven new Grantor-Grantee Back Plant counties with this TitlePoint Xpress release:

  County Online Plant Index Start Date Grantor-Grantee Back Plant Start Date Tract Book Start Date
  Brevard 1/3/1972 1957 - 1964 1948 - 1977
  Highlands 1/3/1983 1921 - 1955  
  Jefferson 1/2/1973 1820 - 1934  
      1958 - 1972*  
  Manatee 1/3/1978 1933 - 1977  
  Martin 1/2/1987 1900 - 1986  
  Santa Rosa 2/23/1984 1982 - 1984  
  St. Lucie 8/3/1992 1974 - 1992  
* Deed Book Index  

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