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Volume 10 Number 9    Summer, 2012
Buckle up: We've shifted into 4.0
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TitlePoint® and TitlePoint Xpress® users picked up speed and momentum with the recent release of version 4.0. The releases offer refinements in search functionality and results filtering, faster print speeds and broader data coverage, among other improvements.

It’s a lane-changing event enabled by a whole new level of performance.

“With this release, we continue our efforts to offer clients search technology that delivers best-in-class performance, convenience and efficiency,” said Ron Free, Executive Vice President.

“Our product, technology and support groups have teamed up to produce our most advanced product ever, and there is more to come,” he added.

We’ll highlight the enhancements in this issue of Insights. For a complete run-down of what’s new in 4.0, click on Announcements in the Tools menu of either product.

New in TitlePoint and TitlePoint Xpress

Version 4.0 takes advantage of the improved print management capability in Microsoft® .NET® 4.0 to deliver faster print speeds.

A new feature allows you to remove images from your search directly from iView: now, right-click on a document to delete images from orders and search results. You can sidestep having to navigate to Search Results or the Order Home Page to purge images.

New user preferences allow you to open images using your PC’s default image viewer in addition to iView and AlternaTIFF. There is also limited compatibility with iOS®, which is available on Apple® devices. Set your default image viewer for viewing images from the Search Result page and the Recent Activity and Order Home Page in the User Preferences section.

More Flexibility When Searching with TitlePoint

Combo Search, Instrument Search and Property Search offer refinements that provide users more flexibility and greater control, according to Lisa Roessler, TitlePoint Product Manager.

“This release enables users to conduct more refined searches, reducing the research and examination workload,” she said. “We are always looking for ways to make the information returned by TitlePoint easier to work with,” she added.

Combo Searches, which perform simultaneous searches of tax, property and name records, can now be conducted using date ranges on the name and property components of the search.

TitlePoint users can now add legal and name filters to an Instrument Search, significantly refining the query and reducing the number of records that need to be reviewed.

In a Property Search, you can click the magnifying glass icon next to names to display the Name Search window and initiate a Name Search without leaving the Property Search results page.

The Remarks field in property chains has been refined to eliminate content that is not material to the chain.

For TitlePoint users in Cook County, there are new options on the Instrument Search Results page for ordering case updates and Full Take-off Chancery from documents posted to property.

Monitor New Postings Filed Against Open Orders

When you activate Order Monitor for any order listed on the Order Home Page, new daily postings recorded against property contained in that order will be listed on a New Posting Reports page, which is updated daily.

Expanded Search Capability in Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara, CA is now a TitlePoint plant county, so you can now perform Subdivision Look-ups, Instrument Searches for both property and name documents, and view property history.

Big IdeasMore Coverage, Better Automation in TitlePoint Xpress

“As with past releases, we are focused on the things that improve efficiency by saving keystrokes as we automate more facets of title searching,” said Andrew Wells, TitlePoint Xpress Product Manager.

With this release, users searching Pinellas County, FL can now search Grantor-Grantee back plant data covering the period 1957-1985. This comes on the heels of the September, 2012 release of Pinellas County as a geographically posted plant.

TitlePoint Xpress Offers Convenience in Back Plant Research

A new feature helps you examine images in Grantor-Grantee back plants. Highlight a specific area in a document and use the zoom in/out and left/right scrolling features to match the name to the document number.

Name Pick Lists Easier to Read and Manage

To improve readability of names in the Name Search Pick List, all name variations are now represented in upper case.

Relevant name variations in the Name Search Pick List are automatically selected based upon your search criteria, saving you keystrokes.

Keeping Track of Search Order Production

The name of the individual who performed a search is now printed on the Order Summary report. This applies to all searches in an order.

Property Searches Now Validated

Legal descriptions used in a Property Search are now validated before the search is performed, saving you time and alerting you to the need for additional research.

And you can now merge results from multiple properties included in a single search from the Property Search page in addition to the Order Home Page.

New Automation Options for Xpress Search

When performing a Property or Grantor-Grantee search using Xpress Search, you can include a preference for automatically retrieving images for relevant records as part of your search.

The vesting clause on relevant conveyances for Property and Grantor-Grantee searches performed in Xpress Search is shown in expanded record view.

A brief legal description is included in the Ownership History section of your Xpress Search, making it easy to identify changes in legal description over the property’s history.

The brief legal description also displays in the Search Parameters section for Property and Grantor-Grantee searches in an Xpress Search.

For counties in Florida and in Clark, NV, Plat Maps are designated for automated retrieval in Xpress Search.

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