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Volume 11 Number 2     Winter 2013

Spotlight on the new TitlePoint and TitlePoint Xpress release
Going further for customer convenience

Ford Motor Company has introduced a new brand campaign in which it commits to "go further" to improve its vehicles. In the campaign, Ford employees are shown demonstrating such conveniences as opening a rear lift gate using a kicking motion under the rear bumper, and using voice-activated technology for hands-free control of accessories.

While the automotive industry has gone through some tough times of late, American ingenuity is alive and well.

Like Ford, we are inspired to engineer convenience into our products and services. TitlePoint and TitlePoint Xpress reflect the ingenuity of our product and technology teams who continuously explore new ways to make title search and order management technology more intuitive and easier to use.

Release 4.1, introduced mid-February, embodies this commitment.

We’ll highlight the enhancements in this issue of Insights. For a complete run-down of what’s new in 4.1, click on Announcements in the Tools menu of either product.

More ways to save and share

In both TitlePoint and TitlePoint Xpress, you can now email and save your orders, search results and images from more locations: from search results, Recent Activity, the Order Home Page and from Non-order Maintenance. You can email and save images, search results, or both, with page formatting options.

TitlePoint enhancements

"Our focus is on the future and how to optimize users' time and streamline workflow," said Lisa Roessler, TitlePoint Product Manager. "We're looking for ways to deliver information in new and innovative ways rather than merely serving up data," she added.

Activate Order Monitor on New Orders

Order Monitor provides you a daily summary of new postings against open title orders. With Order Monitor, you can alert your customers to events and transactions that may complicate a closing.

Effective with release 4.1, you can activate Order Monitor on any open order, or when you open a new order.

Order Monitor is only available to clients who request the option, so contact your Account Manager to add Order Monitor to your account profile.

Heads up on duplicate order numbers in Illinois

You are now alerted when you enter a duplicate order number when performing a search on an underlying Illinois property. Previously, you would have to make property selections from the Reconciler window before you received the alert.

Also in Cook County, IL: total taxes are now calculated when first and second installments are present; when the first installment is present and the second is not billed, and when the second installment is present and the first is not billed.

Advanced name filter now in selected counties

When using the Advanced Name Filter in selected California counties (Imperial, Kings, Riverside, Santa Barbara and San Diego), you can now set filtering options for first, middle, last and full name.

Additionally, you can elect to hide first, middle and surnames using a right-click command.

TitlePoint Xpress enhancements

"Our design emphasis has focused on saving users clicks when searching and managing orders," said Ash Singh, TitlePoint Xpress Product Manager. "We accomplish this by constantly refining and adding intelligence to automate workflow.”

Enhanced date-down capability

Now date down up to 20 orders at once using a new Datedown page.

Title search convenienceFaster entry of image searches

You can quickly add a year or book value you previously entered to an Image Search by clicking the up arrow (↑) key.

Improved Name and Grantor-Grantee searching

In support of our clients who must meet audit requirements for restrictions on financial transactions involving certain foreign countries, we now display OFAC status on pick lists, Name and Grantor-Grantee search results and on the Order Summary page.

Pick Lists no longer return first name variations that are not relevant to searches that involve long surnames.

Improved Pick List logic now automatically selects name variations that have trailing text, such as ET AL, CX, CO and LLC, for the most relevant matching names. The new logic also selects middle names and initials.

More intuitive searching for property

Property postings that were recorded on the same day are now sorted by Clerk Number, producing a chronological display.

When you type a word into Subdivision name, all standalone instances of that word are returned.

Subdivision Lookup is no longer pre-populated with lot ranges, which affords you the option of entering only a designated lot or lot range.

We have added a "back" button to the Subdivision Lookup List, which enables you to quickly modify subdivision search parameters.

Search starter records using wildcards

You can search for starter records by property address, legal description and by insured and buyer name, order, policy and loan number.

With release 4.1 you can include a wildcard (*) after a street number to return all records that begin with the street number value you entered. This will significantly streamline the number of records returned on searches that involve major streets.

Tax searching in Santa Clara, CA

Now perform a standalone tax search in Santa Clara County, or include a Santa Clara tax search in an Xpress Search auto-run.

Santa Clara tax data includes Mello-Roos and 1915 Tax Bond and Assessor information, producing a comprehensive tax status report.

Xpand Search feature

Xpand Search allows you to retrieve recorded documents using parcel number and case number. The search criteria is simple and format independent, meaning that, when you search, you don’t have to adopt a strict format for parcel or case numbers.

In Xpand Search, results can be sorted and filtered so that they’re organized in a way that is meaningful to you.

The ongoing drive for innovation

The most innovative solutions can sometimes focus on supporting local business practices, according to Ash.

"As we expand TitlePoint Xpress to new markets we enhance it with new features that cater to regional needs," she explained. "We're able to optimize the user experience by region while using a standard, efficient plant model."

Looking ahead, TitlePoint and TitlePoint Xpress users can expect more in the way of time-saving functionality in 2013.

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