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Volume 11 Number 9     Fall 2013

Coverage of our newest releases of TitlePoint and TitlePoint Xpress
Fine tuning new technology can produce unimaginable gains

A new, out-of-the-box computer may be faster than the model on your desktop, but it lacks the personalization you have applied to “Old Reliable,” your current PC. Those desktop shortcuts you added, the utilities you downloaded and the custom settings you made all likely compensated for a slower processor.

Apply those same refinements to a new computer and you’ll be amazed at the results. Programs will instantly load, screens will open faster and processes will finish before you have time to glance at a clock. You’ll wonder how you ever got by with “Old Reliable.”

With investments in application and database design, the performance potential for TitlePoint® and TitlePoint Xpress® has been significantly upgraded. Today they represent the newest generation of title search technology. To leverage the products’ full potential we are in full fine-tuning mode, making enhancements that deliver improvements in searching, order management and presentation based on your feedback.
We have a new Web browser standard. Will you be affected? Click to see if you should upgrade.

In this issue of Insights, we will explain recent improvements and new features added to TitlePoint and TitlePoint Xpress in two recent releases (4.2 and 4.3), which were completed in October and November. As always, you can get a complete run-down of what’s new in each product by clicking on Announcements in the Tools menu.

Searching in TitlePoint is made easier and faster

Now automatically run name searches as part of Combination Search and ProSight (with the exception of Kern, Los Angeles and Tulare; these will be addressed in future releases). The Combination Search now enables you to include taxes, property, starter and name, saving you time.

When you run a datedown search from the Datedown screen, you can include future, related and underlying parcels as part of your search.

Effective in November, Fresno (CA) has been upgraded to the modern title plant database format. Now when you search in Fresno you can now perform Subdivision Lookup and Instrument Searches for documents relating to property and name, and property history.

Three counties remain to be converted to the modern title plant database format, which will be completed in the next year. At that time we will operate using a single, modern database design and TitlePoint’s full functionality will extend across the U.S.

New capabilities and a new look for ProSight

ProSight, which delivers a comprehensive financial profile of a property as part of an automated search, has also been improved.

ProSight allows clients to brand the report with their own names and logos. Accordingly, we are paying particular attention to report cosmetics.
Want to see ProSight in Action? Click here.

The ProSight report has been streamlined by eliminating some information contained in the Remarks section and by suppressing report headings for information that has been excluded. Now add notes in every section, and control font size, add bullets and numbering and use boldface and italics.

ProSight’s search functionality has also been expanded, as you can now include or exclude easement postings. In cases where tax information was not previously available in a search in Illinois, you can resubmit your request simply by entering a new tax number.

ProSight’s search functionality is now available in XML.

“ProSight delivers a twofold benefit,” said Lisa Roessler, TitlePoint Product Manager. “In addition to significantly reducing search time and improving our clients’ efficiency, its design enables them to produce a high-quality report that merits their brand and deepens their relationship with their customers,” she added.

TitlePoint Xpress makes it easier to go paperless

New features make paperless order processing more practical. You can now add and save printed comments and stamps to postings viewed on screen, making it easier to share orders within your production organization without having to print them.

Click on a case number to locate the Web site for the applicable court, saving time when you search for a docket.

If you view images, you can set a preference that allows you to get a quick view of a single image from the Recent Activity or Order Home Page. Loading only a single image in what otherwise may be a longer list of documents saves time.

A new feature enables you to view open order references for property search results rendered on screen and in printed reports. Order reference information includes the name of the company and department that previously searched the property, along with a file number. This feature is enabled by a special permission setting.

Custom headers, footers and logos can be edited in RTF format, which makes report editing easier and faster.

Expanding tax searching in Xpress Search

Tax payment status and amounts due are now available in more counties. And tax images and data can be refreshed using datedown at no additional cost.

Filtering using Remarks is improved and now includes parcel and case number. When you filter by parcel in a Grantor-Grantee Search that involves common names, it will be easier to narrow results to relevant parties.

A plat lookup feature was added for El Paso (CO), enabling searches for plat images by subdivision name. This new functionality will be added to more Colorado counties in future releases.

“We’re always looking for situations where our clients’ productivity and efficiency can be improved through TitlePoint Xpress,” explained Ash Singh, Product Manager. “We heard our Colorado users refer to plat image searching as a ‘pain point,’ so we’re extracting plat records and indexing them separately to make them searchable by subdivision name,” she said.

Future releases hold even more promise

While TitlePoint and TitlePoint Xpress offer time-saving efficiencies in every release, Ron Free, Property Insight’s Executive Vice President, is confident that future releases will offer still more.

“We are particularly interested in title production tools that produce time- and cost-savings while allowing clients to maintain control of the examination process as we help them achieve a meaningful competitive advantage,” he said. “We are at the dawn of a new era in title workflow automation,” he added.

New Web browser compatibility standards announced

What's hot from Property InsightWhen Microsoft® and Google® release new versions of their Web browsing software, they enable functionality that can make TitlePoint and TitlePoint Xpress even better. At the same time this also strains our ability to ensure that this new functionality extends to earlier Web browser versions.

“It’s increasingly challenging to enable advanced features in older Web browsers,” said Jim Violette, Senior Vice President. “At some point we have to focus on the future and not the past,” he explained.

With the release of version 4.6 of TitlePoint and TitlePoint Xpress in January 2014, we will no longer support Internet Explorer 7® as a Web browser compatible with our products.

Judging by user profile statistics, only a small number (less than 10%) of users will be affected. And the solution comes in the form of a free upgrade, which can be downloaded and installed in minutes.

If you use Internet Explorer, open the browser and click on Help, then select About Internet Explorer. If you are using version 8 or higher, you are in the clear.

If you use version 7 or earlier, you need to upgrade before version 4.6 is released or you may experience difficulty when using some TitlePoint and TitlePoint Xpress product features. To upgrade, visit this site and download the most current version of Internet Explorer.

As a reminder, TitlePoint and TitlePoint Xpress are also compatible with Google Chrome version 5.0 and higher.

Microsoft and Internet Explorer are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. Google and Chrome are registered trademarks of Google Inc. Property Insight, TitlePoint and TitlePoint Xpress are registered trademarks of Property Insight, LLC.


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