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Volume 11 Number 5     Summer 2013

Spotlight on TitlePoint and TitlePoint Xpress release 4.2
The new model for improving efficiency in title searching

Environmental engineers who develop measures to improve a building's energy efficiency know that the most effective way to approach the challenge is by using a "whole-building" mentality. Improvements in insulation, air circulation, lighting and energy delivery can add decades of useful life, even to nineteenth-century marvels like the Empire State Building.

So, too, is Property Insight’s approach to modernizing the title search and examination process. By studying user workflow, from opening a search to dating down and closing an order, Product Managers can identify ways to shorten examination time, eliminate keystrokes and create new conveniences in order processing, thereby improving time-tested and reliable processes.

The challenge is, which enhancements make the cut in a product release?

"We have optimized our development methodology to bring new features to TitlePoint® and TitlePoint Xpress® users on a more frequent basis," said Jim Violette, Senior Vice President. "A good product release delivers benefits at multiple points in the search process."

In this issue of Insights, we explain the new product features and capabilities of release 4.2, which was made available on June 9. For a complete run-down of what’s new in 4.2, click on Announcements in the Tools menu of either product.

Inactivity time-out extended for all users

Users of both applications will be timed out of the system after five hours of non-use, reducing interruptions in workflow.

TitlePoint enhancements

This release features ProSight, a new search automation feature that delivers a complete profile of the financial condition of a property in a single search.

"ProSight produces an abbreviated property chain that displays open liens and conveyances, and abbreviated name search results associated with relevant liens,” explained Lisa Roessler, TitlePoint Product Manager. “In addition, where available, ProSight will present a complete tax profile of the subject property.”

In doing so, said Lisa, ProSight reduces multiple searches to a single query, saving time while producing a more complete profile that is relevant to professionals called on to make time-sensitive risk management decisions.

ProSight users can create a presentation-ready package complete with their company’s logo and custom headers and footers, ready for emailing, printing or exporting to supported formats.

Order Monitor available via Connection Point

Order Monitor provides you a daily summary of new postings against open title orders. With Order Monitor, you can alert your customers to events and transactions that may complicate a closing.

Now, Order Monitor is available via Connection Point, the Web Services interface for search and order management using in-house order management systems.

Also in this release: Order Monitor has been configured to automatically stop tracking postings against an open order after 180 days of order inactivity.

Improved documentation for Connection Point

Connection Point now includes instructions on how to request an On-demand Scan (ODS) of a document via Web Services, new information about Ventura and San Bernardino (CA) legal description formats, and instructions for how to receive the interim processing flag for property taxes.

New tax search features

Current year taxes can now be obtained using an order number in both TitlePoint and Connection Point. In addition, prior year taxes can be obtained without an order number using Connection Point.

A new option also allows you to email tax search results with an optional tax map from the tax report.

TitlePoint Xpress enhancements

Product Manager Ash Singh said that release 4.2 offers new features and conveniences designed to save time in searching and examination while improving the presentation of search results.

“We looked for ways to eliminate keystrokes and produce more refined search results,” said Ash. “Version 4.2 contains a host of new features that, taken together, deliver big improvements in efficiency and order production,” she added.

New Prior Date-down feature

The order date-down feature now allows you to date down searches from the plant date of your previous search to the current plant date, producing a more refined result.

Title search efficiency
Name Search pick list

Auto selection of name variations in the Name Search pick list is now controlled by the Auto Select feature in Pick List preferences.

New Legal Description filtering

You can now filter search results using legal description fields.

“This is particularly useful when performing a sectional land search in a Grantor-Grantee search,” said Ash. “Being able to focus on specific legal fields, such as section, township, range and quarter, will significantly reduce the length of the chain for examination,” she explained.

Searching for a particular builder who holds title to multiple properties using a Grantor-Grantee search will also be easier, as will the ability to drill down in quarter calls in property search results.

New Property Search features

Now, property searches support both alpha and numeric quarter calls. The display of the quarter format is controlled by the Quarter Display Alpha Format preference.

And lot, block and tract-level legal descriptions are now separated by distinctive borders, making examination of search results easier. In addition, a Quarters grid now displays on the Property Search page, providing a visual reference when making alpha-to-numeric quarter call translations.

New Report Builder functionality

You can add your logo to printed reports and customize headers and footers using Report Builder. Custom headers and footers are supported at the department level (vs. individual user level). Contact Client Services for instructions on adding logos.

Also, unused fields, such as Amount and Due Date, were removed from Report Builder to save editing time.

More in store

Future TitlePoint and TitlePoint Xpress releases will offer more automation and user conveniences, said Ron Free, Executive Vice President.

“We are motivated by the enthusiastic response of our users to explore ways we can bring new efficiencies to bear on the search and examination process,” he said.

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