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Volume 12 Number 1     Spring 2014

Spotlight on our newest releases of TitlePoint and TitlePoint Xpress
Product development picks up the pace

In 2014, change will be a constant for the product and technology teams of Property Insight. Rather than four or five product releases per year, the goal is to double that effort, launching as many as ten new releases of TitlePoint® and TitlePoint Xpress®.

Already in 2014 there have been two releases of each product, the latest delivering new features that benefit all users, but especially those in Indiana and Tulare, CA where the plants have been upgraded.

“Smaller, more frequent releases are easier for our clients to digest,” explained Jim Violette, Property Insight Senior Vice President. “In addition, it keeps our development teams nimble and results-oriented, showing progress that is measurable each day.”

The schedule is also driven in part by progress in plant upgrades, where legacy plant formats are being upgraded to the modern format and released with new search functionality in TitlePoint.

In this issue of Insights, we explain recent improvements and new features added to TitlePoint and TitlePoint Xpress in release 4.7, which was completed on February 23. As always, you can get a complete run-down of what’s new in each product by clicking on Announcements in the Tools menu.

Our Client Services team was recognized for the second straight year. Click to read the details.

Easier to email images from iView

The maximum file size for emailing images has been eliminated. Now, you can email images of any size, provided your email server does not have an established size limit.

We have a new Web browser standard. Will you be affected? Click to see if you should upgrade.

Tulare, CA is now a TitlePoint county

One of the last remaining counties to undergo conversion to the modern TitlePoint plant, Tulare now offers improved search functionality in TitlePoint. For a complete rundown of what’s new for Tulare County, click on Announcements in the Tools menu and select Tulare Conversion Documentation.

Easier navigation of results from Grantor-Grantee Back Plant searching in TitlePoint Xpress

We’ve made navigating Grantor-Grantee Back Plant search results easier by allowing you to navigate as many as 1,000 pages using the Previous / Next function. The previous limit was 400 pages.

New stamp for on-screen examination using TitlePoint Xpress

We have added a “Does Not Apply” (DNA) stamp to the list of available stamps on all search results pages. To access, right-click on Document ID. When selected, this stamp will display on screen and in printed reports.

How we alert you to new product releases

According to Nick Fletcher, Client Services Manager for the Western Region, we provide our clients two advance notices for each applications upgrade: the first notice is emailed two weeks out and the second notice is mailed one week prior to the upgrade.

Applications upgrades occur during low-volume periods over a weekend to minimize client disruption.

If you wish to receive these advance notices, please contact your Account Manager or email

Client Services does it again

Hot on the heels of a record-setting 2012, our Client Services team racked up five more Stevie® awards for excellence in Customer and Sales Support in 2013. That brings the medal count to eight awards over two years.

More details on what the Client Services team accomplished are forthcoming in our next Insights. For now, though, we give the team a hearty congratulations.

New Web browser compatibility standards implemented

What's hot from Property InsightWhen Microsoft® and Google® release new versions of their Web browsing software, they enable functionality that can make TitlePoint and TitlePoint Xpress even better. At the same time this also strains our ability to ensure that this new functionality extends to earlier Web browser versions.

“It’s increasingly challenging to enable advanced features in older Web browsers,” said Jim Violette, Senior Vice President. “At some point we have to focus on the future and not the past,” he explained.

In January 2014, we no longer support Internet Explorer 7® as a Web browser compatible with our products.

Judging by user profile statistics, only a small number of users have been affected. For those who have, a solution comes in the form of a free upgrade, which can be downloaded and installed in minutes.

If you use Internet Explorer, open the browser and click on Help, then select About Internet Explorer. If you are using version 8 or higher, you are in the clear.

If you use version 7 or earlier, you need to upgrade Internet Explorer. Visit this site and download the most current version of Internet Explorer.

As a reminder, TitlePoint and TitlePoint Xpress are also compatible with Google Chrome version 5.0 and higher.

Microsoft and Internet Explorer are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. Google and Chrome are registered trademarks of Google Inc. Property Insight, TitlePoint and TitlePoint Xpress are registered trademarks of Property Insight, LLC.


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