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Volume 10 Number 3

Spotlight on improving plant quality
Reaching new levels of performance in Arizona

At Property Insight, elevating Arizona plant quality is more than a goal; it is a relentless quest reflected in two initiatives that underscore the company’s mission of perfecting the search for title.

In the National Data Discrepancy Program, clients report plant and image discrepancies directly from TitlePoint® and TitlePoint Xpress®. Discrepancies are routed to remediation specialists for immediate resolution.

As a complement, a dedicated team of professionals led by Aaron Schuette, Western Operations Project Coordinator, analyze and refine the Arizona plants. Using innovative diagnostic technology coupled with industry knowledge, Aaron’s team combs plants looking for orphaned records, suspended parcels and inaccurate indexes in an ongoing initiative.

Maricopa’s Plant Foundation is Stronger
Using plant archive files to programmatically link secondary postings to their corresponding primary postings, we have significantly strengthened the foundation of the Maricopa title plant. A/R documents now accurately reference the original deeds.

Orphaned Parcels in Decline
An orphaned parcel cannot be tied to an overlying APN because of an indexing issue. By the fall of 2011, we had reduced the number of orphans by more than 95%. The remainder, we said, required detailed research. Since then, we have we have reduced by half the number of orphaned parcels, and our efforts continue.

All-Tract Legal Descriptions are Properly Indexed
We resolved the problem of all-tract account legal descriptions pointing to ARB's by manually researching and removing all indexes and pointers that linked the accounts to ARB's.

Suspended Documents Eliminated
Using automated queries, we identified and resolved all suspended documents in all Arizona counties.

Sequential Sorting of ARB Records Corrected
In the past, the create date for an ARB record was used as a sort key, causing sequential searches to be out of order. We resolved this programmatically in TitlePoint release 3.8, introduced in July, 2011.

Correcting Date Conflicts for Documents Posted to Property
By programmatically identifying all documents posted to properties where the recording date pre-dates the property create date or post-dates the vacate date, we are isolating and manually reviewing and moving documents to the correct layers of the affected properties. We have made significant progress to resolve this and our efforts continue to eliminate all cases.

TitlePoint’s Latest Release Improves Title Searching in Arizona
Version 3.10 of TitlePoint, released on July 14, included several fixes for Arizona searching, including:

Back tax bill-types no longer display as "Unknown"
Maricopa tax amounts are correctly calculated
Maricopa Prior Year taxes are sorted correctly when there are multiple years and CP's
Pinal County Tax APN is properly rendered in TitlePoint

Our Continued Focus on Plant Quality
Erik Bauer, Data Administration Manager for Western Operations and the company’s administrator of the National Data Discrepancy Program holds quality as a consuming passion.

“Until we see the day where every posting’s exact, every reference rightly coupled, every property change correctly captured, we will not be satisfied,” he said.

It’s a never-ending assignment, but rewarding with each new milestone.

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Since we last spoke

In this issue, we update the progress we’ve made in improving the Arizona plants.

In a previous issue of Insights, published in late summer of 2011, we highlighted efforts to improve the Arizona plants and reported the following progress:

  • We corrected 97,000 parcels that could not be tied to an overlying APN. Resolving the remaining two to three thousand orphaned parcels required detailed analysis, and we reported that effort as ongoing.

  • We resolved the issue of “same dirt” parcels that were created under both a Sectional ARB and a Subdivision ARB.

  • We eliminated references from valid documents to suspended parcels, improving the accuracy of property chains.
We will continue to report new milestones in improving the Arizona plants.

Improving plant quality in Arizona
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