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Volume 11 Number 6

Spotlight on Xpress Services
Chicagoland service now offers judgment and tax lien searches

Investors, attorneys and creditors can now conduct name searches in Greater Chicago to find Judgments and Tax Liens filed against persons in the past 20 years. The search is county-specific and is performed using individual names through Xpress Services, Property Insight’s search portal for the Midwestern U.S.

Using a name search algorithm developed by Property Insight, users can select from three levels of match precision – up to 100%, or exact match – to obtain details of recorded judgments, which are filed with County Recorders as Memoranda of Judgment, and Federal and state tax liens.

The cost of a single name search is $10. For an additional fee of $5, users can also download a copy of the recorded instrument, which is provided in TIFF format.

“With the launch of Judgment and Tax Lien searching, we are introducing the right product for the right time,” said Michael Carsella, Vice President of Midwest Operations. “Interest in this data as an indicator of both risk and opportunity is quite high, and Property Insight is well positioned to provide it,” he added.

Judgment and tax lien data is captured by Property Insight as part of normal plant maintenance in the Midwest. It is made available in Xpress Services to accommodate the growing demand for title-grade data by attorneys, investors, surveyors and service providers.

The Judgment and Tax Lien search returns a report that details the person’s name, document type, recording / filing number and date, and a summary abstract of the form’s contents. By clicking on an icon next to the recording / filing number, users can purchase and download a copy of the document, which is maintained in Property Insight’s image repository.

The new Judgment and Tax Lien Search complements a growing array of specialized search products that include Vesting Deed; Vesting Deed and Open Lien; Property History Detail; Plat Map, and Document Image searches.

A Judgment and Tax Lien Search can be performed in the following counties: Cook, DeKalb, DuPage, Kane, Kendall, Lake, McHenry and Will. Judgment and Tax Lien searches can also be commissioned through the Xpress Services Desk, which provides custom fulfillment of standard and advanced, or complex searches for Greater Chicago.

For more information, visit Xpress Services online at, or call the Xpress Services Desk at 630.510.4150.

property Insight is a registered trademarks of Property Insight, LLC in the United States.


Product Specifications

  • Judgment / Tax Lien Searches are performed at the county level using an individual name as the search key. A search is billed at $10 per name.

  • Users can set the level of name matching using three levels of match precision.

  • Search results include the name of the person against whom the judgment or tax lien was filed; the document or case number and recording date, the document type and a summary of its contents.

  • Copies of the recorded documents are also available for download in most cases, at an additional cost of $5.

  • Subscribers pay by credit card by purchasing credits, which are applied against future searches.

  • Custom research services are also available from Property Insight.

  • Information is compiled from publicly recorded documents and maintained by Property Insight in its title database and document image repository.

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