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Volume 10 Number 3

OrderHub gets a makeover
A new high point in title order management

If you'd like more information about OrderPoint, visit the OrderPoint Product Center.

OrderHub is taking on a new name and a new look.

Introducing OrderPoint, the successor to OrderHub. OrderPoint is an online order placement, tracking and delivery system for title order production and special services. It connects you with a national network of local title experts poised to support your operation while providing unparalleled visibility into order production with real time order status reporting.

Think of it as air traffic control for your title orders.

With OrderPoint, you can place and monitor orders through to completion using the OrderPoint Client Center. Questions are instantly relayed from production specialists completing the assignment. You are notified by email the moment an assignment is completed and provided a link to download the order.

OrderPoint and Property Insight manage the safe take-off and landing of your orders, regardless of their size and complexity.

Andrew Wells, OrderPoint Product Manager, leads efforts to deliver more of Property Insight’s production capabilities through the portal using a managed services model. This approach places responsibility for capacity planning and order management on Property Insight, alleviating uncertainty and maintaining production consistency as a client’s order volume fluctuates.

“By delivering managed services through a proven software application that provides transparency in order production and fulfillment, we are providing production support that enables our clients to focus more on their customers,” he explained.

OrderPoint and Property Insight create an extension of a client’s in-house production capacity at a variable cost, taking the worry out of managing for the ebbs and flows of order volume and time-consuming searches, such as back plant searching.

Today, OrderPoint supports nationwide title order production as well as regional Special Services, with a host of additional services yet to be made available. These include search services that tap Property Insight’s growing resources, including tax and judgment searches, back plant searches and scan-on-demand.

Getting Started

Clients enter into an annual production agreement that establishes the services they will be using and under what terms.

The OrderPoint administration team creates a user profile that includes the menu of products and services defined in the agreement, and designates production centers for order fulfillment.

Clients log in to place orders from TitlePoint® or TitlePoint Xpress® by selecting OrderPoint in the Search drop-down menu, or by using the dedicated Web portal located at OrderPoint integration with in-house production platforms using Web Services is also supported for even greater convenience.

How OrderPoint Works for You

Create a new order online by entering the property location and owner information, checking your product selection and providing any special instructions. You can also upload relevant documents for the order, such as starter records or existing search packages.

Your order is instantly relayed to the appropriate production center where fulfillment begins.

OrderPoint’s Client Center provides a convenient listing of all orders, including orders in work. You can sort orders by order date, borrower name and geographic location. Easily locate any order using your in-house order number.

When the order is completed, you’ll receive an e-mail that contains a link to the completed order, in PDF format, which is valid for seven days. Your orders are hosted on the OrderPoint Web server if you need access to them in the future.

Title Order Production Made Friendly

OrderPoint’s surprisingly simple user interface masks functionality that can be completely customized to complement your in-house production process, from the components of the search package to how order exceptions are managed.

“It’s really amazing how we can truly customize OrderPoint to match a client’s needs,” said Andrew. “We make remote order production completely visible to the client, almost like orders are being fulfilled by their own operation.”

OrderPoint: national title order management that is truly close at hand, with support from a reliable source that makes your requirements a priority.

TitlePoint and TitlePoint Xpress are registered trademarks of Property Insight, LLC in the United States.


Services available in OrderPoint

Title Production Services, a menu of standard products that includes:

  • Full search packages
  • Limited search packages
  • Commitments and Prelims
  • Deed and mortgage searches
  • Judgment and lien searches
  • Legal & Vesting
  • Date-down service
  • Starter searches
  • Property chains

  • Special Services, which features a menu of customized searches that includes:

  • CC&R and Easement searches
  • Court case copies
  • Deed listing reports
  • Document services
  • Map copies
  • Name chains
  • Current and prior year taxes
  • Tax Certifications
  • Foreclosure search packages

  • Back Plant Services, which provides access to archives that pre-date our electronic plants, and includes:

  • Back Plant Search Package
  • Property Chain
  • Starter Records
  • Grantor-Grantee Back Plant
  • Image Back Plant
  • Condo Books
  • Tract Books
  • Maps
  • Deed Books

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