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Volume 10 Number 7

Spotlight on cost savings and efficiency
Sending a policy? Don't ship it - transmit it

If you’re accustomed to shipping your policy documents for conversion and hosting in the FNTG starter repository, put away your packing tape. Now you can upload your policies and have them queued for document conversion, saving time and expense while being kind to the environment.

And it won’t cost you a penny.

The new, virtual path for submitting policy documents is called Policy FTP. Agents who enroll in Policy FTP and are approved by an FNTG sponsor can upload policies directly to FNTI, a Fidelity-owned company that provides document conversion services.

Once uploaded, policies are converted to electronically accessible documents, indexed and visually inspected for image quality, then hosted by Property Insight for approved agency access using TitlePoint® and TitlePoint Xpress®.

Making it easy, convenient to submit policies
“Our mission is to make it convenient and inexpensive for agents to submit policies for hosting in the starter repository, ” said Bob Gernhofer, Vice President.

Register for Policy FTP“With Policy FTP, agents can simply upload policies for document conversion and hosting, saving the cost of printing and shipping while reducing cycle time,” he added.

“Submitting policy documents electronically significantly improves image conversion workflow and policy availability for title production,” said Ron Free, Property Insight Executive Vice President and FNTI chief executive. “Policy FTP also minimizes the agent’s efforts involved in staging, packaging and shipping paper policy documents, which will generate significant savings.”

Policy records are uploaded using FTP, or File Transfer Protocol, a standard network protocol used to transfer files over the Internet. No special software is required to upload documents. A standard policy can be uploaded in seconds using a common office Internet connection.

There are no limitations on file size, and both PDF and multi-page TIFF documents are supported for the conversion process.

Following uploading, policy documents are queued immediately by FNTI for document conversion, indexing and quality control. When converted they are loaded to the starter repository for agent access.

Agents can enroll to use Policy FTP by completing a simple, three-step online registration process. When approved by an FNTG sponsor, an Agent will receive credentials for logging in and uploading policy documents to a server, with step-by-step instructions on how to activate the connection and complete an upload.

TitlePoint and TitlePoint Xpress are registered trademarks of Property Insight, LLC in the United States.


What is Policy FTP?

A free upload facility that enables title agents to submit policies electronically, eliminating the cost and effort associated with printing, packaging and shipping documents.

How does it work?

Title agents enroll in the program at You must provide the name and contact information of an FNTG sponsor, who will be asked to approve you for the program

Once approved, you will receive login credentials and instructions for uploading policy documents to an FTP server hosted by FNTI, Fidelity’s own document conversion specialist. Your policy records will be converted, indexed and quality-reviewed for image clarity, then hosted by Property Insight in the starter repository.

What are the benefits?

This is a free program that enables you to electronically submit documents to the starter repository, saving you print, packaging and shipping costs.

Your policies are protected from loss or damage, and you save on local storage and filing costs. You can easily retrieve your starter records using TitlePoint and TitlePoint Xpress.

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