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Volume 12 Number 4     Spring 2014

Spotlight on Vantage Point
New tools in the quest for quality

In the ongoing quest to meet rising quality standards in the rapidly evolving regulatory environment, you now have one more resource: Vantage Point from Property Insight.

Vantage Point is a new, national Web portal that connects you with three resources that can help you research, qualify, and validate details of real estate transactions:
  • A free national directory service that profiles public record data sources and more than 4,000 professional services providers across the nation;
  • National data resources that are merged into specialized reports and data feeds, delivering deep and refined profiles of property and loans, and
  • A national services network that performs unrecorded lien and abstraction searches in any county in the U.S.
Think of it as your business concierge that will connect you with nationwide information and services.

The value of convenience

“We constructed Vantage Point to consolidate and centralize a fragmented array of information, data and services used by industry professionals, enabling them to quickly access quality resources on a national scale through one platform,” explained Program Director Roy Wittig. “Vantage Point combines the convenience of data automation with a professional services network to produce a 100% solution.”

A “Who’s Who” of real estate services

Vantage Point’s National Resource Directory lists public record data sources and professional services providers, with contact information, for every county in the U.S. Today, the National Resource Directory lists 11,000 data sources and more than 4,000  professional listings, and industry participation continues to grow.

Private service providers can also place ads and secure premium listings in the Resource Directory.

“By virtue of its use as a production resource, the National Resource Directory provides an excellent editorial environment for professional services advertising,” said Roy. “Our users can identify vendors who offer experience and have capacity and expertise in a specific market,” he added.

Visit our National Resource Directory and conduct a free listing search.

Reports that are made to order

At the heart of Vantage Point is a sophisticated data integration engine capable of combining Property Insight’s own rich data resources with a variety of third-party data feeds to produce on-demand reports quickly and reliably, according to Jim Violette, Property Insight Senior Vice President.

“Vantage Point employs modern .NET technology and a robust database design to enable real-time creation of products using data streaming from multiple sources,” explained Jim. “Improvements to data made by providers throughout our network instantly manifest in our products,” he added.

Click here to learn more about our prepared report products.

Business rules, honed from the company’s expertise in managing large, complex title plants in some of the nation’s busiest real estate markets, dictate how records and properties are matched using the best-available data, producing high-grade reports and XML data feeds.

This granular approach produces measurably improved output, according to Roy.

“We are not simply representing what is typically available in the public record,” he explained. “We are refining data by matching and selecting what we believe are the most representative and accurate elements and transactions that depict a property’s past and present.”

Continuous tracking of orders for professional services

Vantage Point also uses Property Insight’s online order management system, OrderPoint, to enable online order placement, routing, tracking and fulfillment of field services orders.

“OrderPoint allows us to instantly steer a research request to a qualified services provider, and to monitor fulfillment processing at all times,” said Andrew Wells, Vantage Point Product Manager. “This reduces cycle time and eliminates uncertainty about when an order will be completed and delivered to the client,” he added.

Learn more about our national services here.

Is it working?

Vantage Point has earned market recognition since its introduction. On average, nearly 2,000 unique visitors access the site each month and generate more than 120,000 page views, numbers that continue to climb. Order volume for service orders is on a steady growth track.

Clearly the market is resonating with the quality message.

What's hot from Property InsightLessons from the past guide future development

Lessons learned from the years leading to the mortgage collapse of 2007 sustain Roy’s belief that those companies that originate, invest in and service loans, and those who support them, will be far more diligent about quality.

“In order to abide by regulations and earn back the trust of investors, we as an industry will have to be much more thorough and accurate when it comes to property and loan documentation,” he explained. “We understand that high standard, and our vision is to bring a new level of diligence to information used in non-title components of transactions.”


Reach prospective new clients. Advertise in the National Resource Directory. Learn more.

What does it take to get listed in the National Resource Directory? It's free. Get listed here.


Designed for title underwriters, title companies, abstractors, loan servicers and subservicers, lenders, banks, credit unions and private investors.

Vantage Point features the following products and services:

Directory Services

  • Search the free National Resource Directory to locate public record data sources in any U.S. County, as well as private companies that provide support services.

  • Advertise in the National Resource Directory and reach thousands of prospective clients nationwide, or just those who search listings where you do business.
  • On-demand reports

  • Order a Mortgage History Report to research and verify voluntary liens recorded against a property, including recorded mortgages, deeds of trust, assignments, loan modifications, lien releases and loan satisfaction/ reconveyance documents.

  • The Deed History Report identifies all recorded conveyances filed against a property and provides property location, legal description, party names, vesting information and a chain of title.

  • Track all recorded liens and judgments recorded against a party with the Lien & Judgment Report, which produces a list of transactions that may affect title or lien position.

  • Obtain a Property Valuation Report using owner name, street address or property ID number. Produces a statistically-derived calculation of market value with corresponding minimum and maximum values and a confidence score.

  • Purchase copies of Recorded Document Images relating to the list of recorded transactions associated with Lien & Judgment and Deed and Mortgage History reports.

  • Nationwide services

  • Property Report produces a complete financial profile of a subject property, including owner name(s) and vesting, Legal Description, liens and encumbrances, current and prior year taxes and copies of relevant recorded documents.

  • The Deed Report, more commonly known as a Legal & Vesting Report, identifies all recorded conveyances filed against a property including property location, legal description, party names, vesting information and a chain of title.

  • The Mortgage Report discloses open voluntary liens recorded against a property, such as recorded mortgages, deeds of trust, assignments and loan modifications. Verification Reports are also available.

  • Our Document Retrieval Service provides copies of documents filed against a property. Certified copies are also available.

  • In a Municipal Lien Report we provide details of unrecorded liens and code violations, open or expired permits, taxes and special assessments, utility balances that include water, sewer and solid waste, and any registration requirements for foreclosed or vacant property.

  • Order a Homeowner Association Estoppel Letter to obtain amounts owed by a homeowner to a homeowner association, including current balances, delinquent amounts, assessment amounts and frequency. The HOA Estoppel service also secures a Demand/ Estoppel letter and will obtain a ledger, if available. 

  • The Homeowner Association Identification Service provides contact information for the homeowner association management company, which enables users to contact homeowner associations directly for information. 

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