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Volume 12 Number 3   Summer 2014

Spotlight on a report upgrade for Xpress Services
Our new look reflects the care we take as we manage data

Several of our report products are sporting a new look these days. We have upgraded the technology we use to produce these reports to enable us to fulfill requests faster. This modernization is also resulting in improvements in readability and presentation of the information -- a side benefit we hope you will recognize and appreciate.

"Our responsiveness to our clients' requests and the accuracy of the information we provide are paramount to our mission," said Michael Carsella, Property Insight Vice President of the Midwest Division. "At the same time we want our products to reflect the professionalism that goes into managing our plants and producing extracts for clients, so this upgrade delivers on all counts," he added.

The content is the same from the old look to the new, explained Michael, as is the source of the information -- the Chicagoland plants maintained by Property Insight. The new reports carry the insignia for Xpress Services, which is replacing the Special Search name.

Click here for a sample of the new look-and-feel of our reports

Eventually all reports will feature the same new design. For now, these are the report products that have been upgraded:

  • Vesting Deed Search
  • Vesting Deed/Open Lien Property Search (excludes Judgment & Tax Lien Search)
  • Vesting Deed/ Open Lien Search (includes Judgment & Tax Lien Search)
  • Judgment and Tax Lien Search
  • Real Estate Tax Search
  • Combination Search (includes Property, Judgment & Tax Lien and the Real Estate Tax Search)
  • Deed Listing Search
  • Easement Search
  • Miscellaneous (custom) Search
More improvements are in store for clients who use the Xpress Services Desk, formerly known as Special Search.

"We are making our online and custom fulfillment services easier to order, more timely and our deliverables more professional in appearance," said Michael. "This is consistent with our overall mission, that our clients should 'expect more' from Property Insight."

For more information, visit Xpress Services online at, or call the Xpress Services Desk at 630.510.4150.

Property Insight is a registered trademarks of Property Insight, LLC in the United States.


The following reports are available on demand through Xpress Services.

  • Verify the last full value deed recorded against a property with a Vesting Deed Search.

  • Find the last full-value deed, unreleased mortgages and all property-related liens with a
    Vesting Deed / Open Lien Property Search.

  • Receive an unedited listing of all items posted to a property based
    on our automated tract indices in a Property History Detail Report.

  • Download a Plat Map of a section
    or subdivision outlining the boundaries of a parcel.

  • Obtain details of judgments and
    tax liens recorded against
    individuals for the past 20 years
    with a Judgment & Tax Lien Search.

  • Locate and download recorded document images associated
    with any search.

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