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The National Resource Directory provides thousands of visitors contact information on county services and information sources, and profiles of professional services that include appraisers, title and escrow companies, abstractors and notaries.

Our audience continues to grow as we add new listings and services, and we promote this site to new, prospective users via targeted promotions through advertising and social networking sites.

Advertise in the Resource Directory

When you advertise in the National Resource Directory you can place ads on selected pages that include government offices and professional services listings. Choose to advertise in large, medium or small counties based upon population size. You can also earn a discounted rate if you place ads in multiple counties.

Purchase a Premium Listing Package in the Resource Directory

When you purchase a Premium Listing package, your business listing will be featured among all business listings in the markets and on the page listings (government office and/or professional services) you designate.

Reach an audience that is active in real estate using advertising and promotion that can be targeted by your business specialty and coverage area.

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More engagement: The number of
unique visitors to the National Resource Directory has grown by more than 86% in 2014

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