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The following are available as Vantage Point managed services and can be ordered and delivered via OrderPoint, Property Insight's order management platform.

    Legal & Vesting Report | Includes general property information and all ownership transfer history, with a copy of the conveyance instrument where available.

    Ownership & Encumbrance Report | Provides a report of current ownership, all open financial obligations including voluntary and involuntary liens and judgments, and taxes. Note: Limited or no taxes are available in MA/PA. If full taxes are required, client must order a Tax Report for full tax.

    Tax Report | Provides tax assessment information including payment status. (Not available in MA or PA).

    Assignment Verification Report | Provides evidence of a loan assignment in the form of a deed of assignment.

    Homeowner Association Estoppel Letters | Disclose amounts owed by a homeowner to a homeowner association, including current balances, delinquent amounts, assessment amounts and frequency. The HOA Estoppel service also secures a Demand/Estoppel letter and will obtain a ledger, if available.

    Homeowner Association Identification | Provides contact information for the homeowner association management company, which enables users to contact homeowner associations directly for information.

    Document Retrieval | Provides copies of recorded documents.
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