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Data Optimized for You

Put Our Data Resources to Work

Licensing our data

The acknowledged gold standard for property information, data compiled and maintained for title research and examination is widely acknowledged as consistently accurate and reliable. That's because title data forms the backbone of the world's largest real estate economy, where safe title and transfer is assured by title companies under the FNF brand that rely on our information.

While optimized for title research and examination, our data can be valuable in other applications because property information is 100% verified. Other uses include:

  • Customer service
  • Reconveyance tracking
  • Fraud detection, prevention and investigation
  • Lead generation for real estate, mortgage financing and insurance

Available for Your Use

You can use our data in your business. We offer data extracts that feature:

  • Current Assessor Tax Roll data
  • Property Tax information, including tax obligations and current tax payment status
  • Property transfer data
  • Financing data
  • Voluntary and involuntary lien data and encumbrances
  • Delinquency, default, and foreclosure data
  • Property related court data
  • Recorded document images
  • Tax Assessor and Plat map images
  • Real estate and tax search information available online
  • Access to web-based, searchable database of real estate and tax records

The strategic value found in our unique data does not merely relate to the integrity of a given record, but in the association of those records to the industry's most advanced property control grid and their strategic association to other key data sets.